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We are architects helping our clients to achieve the success of their projects with our proven project development methodology

¿What do We Do? 

We help our Clients to:

  • Optimise their financial and time resources

  • Solve their immediate problems

  • Receive a trusted and professional service

  • Receive what they have been promised

  • Projects that make them feel proud



Because we believe that all our Clients deserve a reliable and high quality architectural design.

We understand what it means not to receive the professional service that has been promised and we seek to change that through our work methodology.

So, this is what some customers have shared with us:

“Since the beginning of our project, we have maintained contact with S*ARC to jointly define objectives and achieve a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable project.” 

C. Ayala | Director PV | IDEI, Monterrey

“Salvador Rivas and his team have supported us in the development of one of our main projects and we were positively surprised by the professionalism, commitment and dedication of the entire team, using the latest technology.”

A. Ortiz | BIM Director | IUYET | Mexico

We do this, supported by our values of trust, commitment and responsibility, which are our foundation



So how can we start helping you today?


For this, we offer a plan with initial steps:


1. Schedule an appointment to identify your project requirements

2. Agree on a workplan that meets your requirements

3. Develop the workplan keeping a constant communication

We are the first architecture firm in Mexico and LATAM with a Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered status, which means for our Clients:

  • Code of Professional Practice

  • Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

  • Quality Control, towards ISO 9001 QMS

  • Safety and well-being of our collaborators

  • International Standards in Mexico

  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy

  • Environmental Responsibility Policy


And to help you to start, we offer you our free guide on ‘5 Steps to Achieve your Project`s Success` (available on 18.04.22) - a resource sumarising 24 years of experience in 5 pages to guide you in one of the most important decisions you can make: your real estate project

Get our Guide

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What for?

There are important things at stake:

  • Nearly 60% of projects have evidence of issues with delays, cost overruns, and poor quality

  • Since no one wants their project to fail, they must do something to prevent that from happening.

  • We offer a complete project package with customizable design solutions that will ensure your problem is solved.

It's important not to postpone projects that you, your family or organisation have worked hard for, for a long time, for you not to get a good return on your investment.

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